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Special Protection

Proprietors and partners are not required to have workplace injury insurance. Similarly, family members of an employer (proprietor, partner, or officer / director of an incorporation) living in the employer's household are not required to have coverage. For these workers, special protection coverage is available.

NOTE: If a proprietor or partner obtains Special Protection for themselves, they are required to cover any workers they may hire.  The three person rule no longer applies. 

Special Protection is available in amounts of coverage from a minimum of $10,200 per year up to the maximum assessable earnings figure confirmed by us at the beginning of each year.

Be sure to choose an amount that closely reflects your actual gross earnings because, in the event of an injury, the benefits paid are based on the lesser of actual wages earned or the amount of special protection purchased.

EXAMPLE:  If $10,200 is selected as coverage and your actual earnings are $20,000, your benefit would be based upon $10,200.  Conversely, if you selected $25,000 and only earned $15,000, your benefit would be based on $15,000.

Special protection coverage is renewable every year and becomes effective when both the application and full payment are received by us. Payments for special protection accounts must be made payable to “The Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia“ and sent to us directly.

Payment can be divided into four equal payments by post-dated cheques, dated one month prior to the beginning of each quarter.

Canceling Coverage
Premiums for Special Protection are pro-rated on a quarterly basis when opening or closing such an account.  When opening a Special Protection Account, the following percentages are used based on the quarter that coverage started:

  • Before April 1 – 100% of annual premium
  • Between April 1 and June 30 – 75% of annual premium
  • Between July 1 and September 30 – 50% of annual premium
  • Between October 1 and December 31 – 25% of annual premium

If you wish to cancel coverage prior to the end of the year, your coverage is in place to the end of the quarter in which we receive written notification. You will receive a refund for any remaining quarters.