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Young Workers

In 2010, a total of 3,665 workers under the age of 25 were hurt at work and reported their injury. Time-loss claims refer to people hurt badly enough that they missed three days or more of work – there were 695 of these. That's more than there are students in most Nova Scotia high schools.

While we are encouraged by the recent reductions in injury to workers under 25, we know there are still many opportunities to improve safety for young workers. 

Most injuries to young people happen in industries that tend to attract younger, part-time, seasonal employees. Retail; accommodation, food and beverage; construciton and manufacturing were the top industries reported time-loss injuries in 2010.

The WCB develops a social marketing plan for young workers in Nova Scotia each year which strongly emphasizes injury prevention and return to work programs. The campaign typically includes an interactive online environment, print advertising, and other materials all to inspire the necessary behaviour change needed in workplaces to achieve a safer tomorrow.

Employer's Rights and Responsibilities

Worker's Rights and Responsibilities - young worker website  - provides relevant information to young workers, their employers, and their parents.

To report an unsafe workplace, contact the OHS Division of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education at 1-800-9LABOUR (1-800-952-2687) or fill out their online Secure Enquiry Form.