Guide to WCB Billing

WCB Nova Scotia works with Medavie Blue Cross to process physician invoices.

Physicians must now submit a WCB claim number and/or the month and year of a patient’s workplace injury when submitting an invoice for payment. The new process helps prevent billing errors and the need for payment reversals.

WCB now notifies physicians when there are eligibility changes related to a worker receiving care. For example, we’ll notify you when coverage has been approved, denied, or closed, and if a worker transitions to receiving long-term benefits from a return-to-work plan.

Ongoing updates will be provided by Medavie via the MSI Physician’s Bulletin. If you do not receive the Bulletin, you can subscribe here.
A guide to our billing codes (via Medavie Blue Cross – please contact Medavie with questions and for more detailed information).
Type of visit  Health Service Code Additional Information
Return to Work (RTW) Service -
general visit due to workplace injury illness
WCB28 (Comprehensive Visit for Work Related Injury Illness)
03.03/03.03A (Limited Visit) 
For comprehensive visit, the physician report form 8/10 is due within 5 business days. 
WCB26 - Physician Report Form 8/10 Required with each comprehensive visit.
Long Term Benefits Service follow-up visits, which are generally no more than monthly Note: If WCB28 is submitted for these visits, the claim will be refused.   03.03 of 03.03A If your patient has been transitioned to receiving long term benefits, WCB no longer requires Form 8/10 for follow-up visits.
If your patient’s condition has changed and a comprehensive visit is required, an interim billing code is now available.  WCB31 (Comprehensive Visit for Work Related Injury or Illness When Condition Has Changed) In addition, you may also submit Form 8/10, and use health service code WCB26 for billing.


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