Case for Change

From conversation to action.

Nova Scotia's workers and employers deserve better service than our systems allow us to provide today.

Our computer systems that host assessments and claims management are over 25 years old. Needless to say, they're showing their age and are not connected to the rest of the world in the ways we need them to be.

Change is needed to better serve Nova Scotians.

Workers cannot currently access claim information online. Employers have to fax information to us – they can't submit it electronically. Health care providers cannot transfer invoices electronically. We cannot do any claim-related business by email. And up until recently, workers could only receive their payments in the form of a cheque.

A paper-based process no longer meets the needs of those we serve. Every day spent tracking down a piece of paper is a day not spent working on a return-to-work plan.

There is a direct link between inefficiency and the impact of workplace injury. This is why we will be improving our systems and services.

What We Heard from Stakeholders

During our Strategic Plan stakeholder consultations in 2014, stakeholders told us much of the same - we need to improve how we provide service:

"More timely information will lead to better outcomes - take away the administrative burden. The WCB needs better external connectivity."

"The WCB needs to get with technology.  Nova Scotia is way behind other provinces with regards to technology and is not aligned with how business operates. Particularly with regards to e-mail. No one uses faxes anymore, or those who do receive faxes via e-mail."

"WCB is running stuff on a legacy system that needs to be upgraded. But you don't want your rates to go up and they don't have the money to do it…If I don’t adapt my business to existing technology, I lose customers. WCB needs to adapt too."

"Not only on the case worker side but even on the assessments side – you get too much paper information which is hugely wasteful. I can go to My Account to see where I am with the bill. You don’t need to send me a paper bill telling me I owe 4 cents."

"Need to reduce the contact time with the WCB. It is often too difficult to reach someone, too many phone calls to get the information you need and answer your questions. Need easy access to information…technology could help with this."

A Modernization Nova Scotia's Workers and Employers Deserve

Modernizing WCB Nova Scotia
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