WCB Nova Scotia continues to do its part to help reduce the impact of COVID-19. In this section, you will find information on managing COVID-19 at work and details on our services through the pandemic.  

Service Updates

Our mission has always been to keep Nova Scotians safe and secure from workplace injury. The health and safety of our employees and those we serve remain our number one priority.  

We continue to offer all regular services through the pandemic, and our Halifax and Sydney offices are open for in-person service by appointment.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, you can reach us during business hours at 1-800-870-3331 or through our online services and we would be happy to help you. 

Online Services

WCB Nova Scotia’s online services for workers, employers and service providers continue to be the easiest, most efficient way to do business with us.

Using these services helps improve communication with faster response times, allows information to be sent securely online to move claims faster, and contributes to better outcomes for a safe and timely return to work.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up today.

COVID-19 Claims

As with any claim received, WCB Nova Scotia will adjudicate claims related to COVID-19 on a case-by-case basis.

As set out in the Workers’ Compensation Act, compensation is only available for a work-related injury. It is not provided for workers who cannot work for preventative or precautionary reasons, such as self-isolation or quarantine. 

If you contract COVID-19 at work, please follow our Claim Process as you would for any other workplace injury.

COVID-19 claims costs are included in employer rate setting the same as all other work-related injuries.


Every workplace injury is different, and will be assessed based on the details of each claim. If you have had a reaction to a vaccine you needed to take due to your work, you may qualify for benefits. Please tell your employer, and work with them to ensure an injury report is filed.

Working from Home

COVID-19 has changed where and how many Nova Scotians work. Whether you’re working on site or remotely, there are important steps you must take to stay safe.  

If you are injured while working from home or remotely, please follow the Claim Process as usual. The Workers’ Compensation Act exists to cover earnings loss from injuries and illnesses arising out of the course of employment.