Injury Reporting

Please note: As we work through the transition of our new systems, this service is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Injury Reporting Web Service

Our injury reporting web service helps make injury reporting easier. Employers enrolled in the service can send injury and earnings reports directly and securely to WCB from their software system, avoiding the need to complete forms multiple times. 

The web service for injury reporting is efficient, it reduces red tape, and most of all, it puts some valuable time back in your day.

How it Works

Your IT team configures your system and works with our IT team to get you up and running, creating a secure reporting channel directly between our systems. Once you’re configured, your system will send WCB injury and earnings reports instantly to ours. You only enter data once.

If you are a member of WCB’s MyAccount for Employers, the injury report will also be available in MyAccount.

To participate, employers will need to configure their system to connect to the web service. 

In 2017, WCB Nova Scotia configured and tested the web service with Windley Ely and Parklane. Employers who use these providers should ask their company contact about how to become involved in WCB’s injury reporting web service.

Setting up Your System

The documents below summarize the technical requirements required to connect to our web service. The time and exact details to get you up and running depend on your existing system and your experience with web services. 
If you want to get started, share these documents with your IT team to help you assess and determine next steps.

1. Technical On-boarding Guide.  This contains the technical requirements and information needed to begin configuring your system.

To use this service you will need to:

☑ Have a computer system capable of linking to the service and agree to the terms of the service agreement.

☑ Have an IT department that is ready and able to configure your computer system to take advantage of the service. Your IT department will need to configure your system to comply with the service standards for the web service. WCB will provide up to 10 hours of service support and help with testing. 

☑ Meet the service data standard and pass the required conformance testing.

2. Statement of Expectation – When you are ready to get started, read and have an authorized individual at your workplace sign this document.  Send the signed document to and we will contact you to begin the connectivity and testing process described in the Technical On-boarding Guide.

Could this work for my workplace? A quick assessment.

1. Determine your eligibility

Do you complete a lot of injury reports?
Do you use an external claims reporting service or have your own system, often completing reports twice (once for your system and once for WCB)?  If so, chances are you are eligible.

2. Get started


  • You’ll need access to an IT team to configure your system to work with ours. We’ll provide basic support to get started.
  • You’ll go through a testing process, be assigned a unique security token and be required to provide your IP address. Ensuring our systems are linking properly is important for data quality, for your workplace, and most of all, for the workers whose data we are transmitting. 

3. Contact WCB

If you have questions, email us at

Using WCB’s Injury Reporting Web Service

So, you’re set up for WCB’s Injury Reporting Web Service. Now what?
Once you submit information through the web service, you will receive a confirmation message that the data was successfully transmitted. The formatted data will appear in MyAccount as a submitted Injury Report.

If you receive an error message from the web service, contact your internal IT department for assistance.  If your internal IT team cannot resolve the issue, they can contact WCB for technical support through

Common Questions