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Nova Scotia

Workplace safety makes good business sense.

Research shows that safe businesses are more profitable.  Injuries cost money.  You lose productivity.  You may need to replace workers or pay overtime.  You may have to pay fines.  Your insurance premiums may go up.  All of these costs affect your bottom line.

Most importantly, though, workplace injuries hurt people.  Workplace injuries hurt families.

The Small Business Safety Toolkit can help you keep your workers safe. For most Nova Scotia workplaces, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations set out what employers - and their workers - must do to maintain a safe workplace. These are the minimum standards for health and safety in Nova Scotia workplaces.

Some workplaces in Nova Scotia are federally-regulated, and must follow the workplace safety requirements outlined in the Canada Labour Code – Part II.  If you are in federally-regulated industry, contact Labour Canada at 1-800-641-4049 for more information.

Creating a safe workplace begins with the following elements:

A. Commit to Workplace Safety
B. Learn what the law requires of you
C. Develop a health and safety policy
D. Establish a health and safety representative