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Nova Scotia

Confirm Your Commitment

Like any task that you have undertaken, you need continued commitment to see it through. Understand that you may encounter challenges and frustrations along the way, but know that the results will make your efforts worthwhile.

Show your commitment

Let everyone know you are committed to the health and safety of your workers. Post your health and safety policy in a prominent place in your workplace—or in multiple locations:

  • entryway
  • lunchroom
  • common room
  • boardroom

Live your commitment

Celebrate a good safety record at your workplace:

  • Set a goal just beyond your current record and celebrate with your workers when you achieve it. 
  • Recognize a worker or team for their safety record at a workplace meeting.
  • Recognize workers for their ideas on improving safety. 

Tips for making safety a workplace priority

  • Make positive attitudes and proven safe work practices a condition of hiring.
  • Make new workers aware of your safety policy as part of the hiring process.
  • Make safety a part of all management, supervisor, and worker evaluations. 
  • Put workplace safety on the agenda at group meetings.


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