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Nova Scotia

Commit to Workplace Safety

The most important step in achieving a goal is committing to that goal.  Take a moment to think of a few reasons why workplace health and safety is important to you.  Here are some to consider:

  • The law requires it. Employers must do what they can to ensure their workers are protected from injury and illness arising from the workplace. There are serious consequences for not complying with health and safety legislation.
  • It makes financial sense. Loss of any type—involving workers or equipment—can be costly. In a year where you might otherwise have shown a profit, an injury can cause you to record a loss. Use the Workplace Incident Cost Calculator to get an idea of the true financial impact a workplace injury has on your organization.
  • You have a moral responsibility. You don’t want to see your workers injured. Most small businesses are like families, and no one wants to see a family member suffer because of a workplace injury.

As an employer, your workers look to you to set expectations for all aspects of your business.  Without your commitment and support, workplace safety initiatives will have a limited effect.

Now, having made the commitment, set yourself up for success!



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