Reduce the Impact of Injury at Your Workplace by Ensuring:

  • Your return-to-work program is part of an overall safety program, with defined policies and procedures.

  • Your organization promotes a climate of trust and respect, with supportive and engaged managers.

  • You have a functional job description or job demands analysis for every position.

  • You submit claims quickly and accurately through MyAccount, and monitor them online for progress.

  • You communicate in a timely and regular manner with the WCB and your worker’s health care provider.

  • You help develop personalized return-to-work plans for employees injured on the job.

  • You understand the appeals process.

  • You offer workers transitional work immediately.

  • Your organization offers accommodation and re-employment, if applicable.


  • Use the Employer's Guide to Managing Workplace Injury that includes a checklist of what successful organizations do best when helping employees recover from workplace injury.



It allows a skilled and experienced worker to continue as a valuable resource to the company.

One of your responsibilities as an employer is to make your workplace aware of your Return-to-Work policy and what it means. Order a kit with posters, tips and more to put around your workplace. You can also download the kit materials.

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