Find a Health Care Provider

You can get help for your injury immediately, from a WCB Nova Scotia approved Health Care Provider.

Early assessment

Make sure you report your injury to your employer right away and seek medical attention if necessary.

The most common injuries are sprains and strains. Through WCB’s Direct Access program, you can see a WCB-approved health care provider right away, sometimes on the same day, although it can take up to 3 days.

Your employer may also have an approved health care provider you can see right away. This provider will know about the type of work you do at your workplace and can help support your recovery. If you’re not sure, ask your employer.

WCB-approved providers

WCB-approved health care providers work in a wide range of specialties. These include, but are not limited to, chiropractors, occupational therapists, psychologists, audiologists, and physiotherapists. 

They are well informed on the workers’ compensation system and can support you through your recovery plan.

Physical abilities assessment

Your health care provider will assess what tasks and movements you can safely do. This will help them determine how soon you can return to work or if you can stay at work while you recover. As part of your support team, they will help decide if transitional work is right for you.

Getting back is part of getting better.


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