As the employer, you play an integral role in the success of the return-to-work program and the wellness of a person injured at work. Responsibilities include:

  • Transport the worker to a health care provider at the time of the injury, in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Notify the WCB of an injury that requires medical attention. Provide necessary information within five (5) days of learning about the injury. You can file your injury report online through MyAccount.
  • Notify the WCB immediately if contesting a claim; you can note this on the WCB Injury Report.
  • Send a worker with a sprain or strain injury to a health care provider for an assessment. This will determine if:
    • the worker's injury is actually a sprain or strain
    • the worker can return to their regular job right away
    • treatment is required

      If the worker can't return to their eligible job right away, the health care provider completes a Physical Abilities Report. This helps determine what transitional duties the worker can safely perform.


  • Keep in touch with your employee.
  • Educate your workplace on your Return-to-Work policy.
  • Offer meaningful and productive transitional or modified work within the worker's skills and abilities, if they are unable to return to their original job. These resources can help:
  • Allow a worker to make a claim and not penalize them for doing so.
  • Be responsible for workers’ compensation costs - don't seek any contribution to those costs from a worker.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the WCB case worker, the health services provider, and worker.

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