If an injury occurs at work, safe, healthy work is part of recovery from workplace injury.

Similar to an injury outside of work, often making small changes to your job can help you recover safely at work. This could mean you don’t have to miss work and minimizes the financial impact of being off work because of your injury. 

Depending on your injury, the steps and time may be different for each person, but here you’ll find what to expect if you are injured at work.

Workplace Injury and Recovering Safety at Work - A Roadmap



Follow these steps to get you working to well:

  • Tell your supervisor immediately about your injury.

    Fill out a WCB injury report together.

  • See a health care provider for sprains and strains immediately.

    For common injuries, such as sprains and strains, you can see a WCB-approved health care provider. You can often see a health care provider, such as a physiotherapist, the same day – a doctor’s referral is not needed.

  • Start return-to-work planning right away.

    Return-to-work planning can start right away with your supervisor based on what you can do safely. If you have a sprain or strain injury, this might involve making simple changes to your job that focus on what you can do safely while you recover. This is called transitional work - focusing on what you can do, not what you can't. 

    Learn more about transitional work in the workplace.

  • If you are off work because of your injury.

    Your support team includes your WCB case worker, your employer, and your health care provider. Together you will develop a return-to-work plan.

  • Stay connected to the workplace.

    If you are off work, staying connected is often an important part of recovery. Keeping in touch with your co-workers and your supervisor can help when it comes time for your transition back to the workplace.

  • Set up a WCB Online Services account.

    Use it to keep in touch with your case worker, submit expenses, and follow your claim.

Get the support you need.

Work together to make a return-to-work plan.

Stay connected to the workplace.

For more information, read the Worker’s Reference Guide.

Get the support you need - Find out how your support team works together to help you get back to being you.


You're supported. Know what you should expect from your employer, your WCB case worker and your health care provider, and how everyone will work together for your success.

Learn their roles in your recovery
Working to Well team of case work, health care provider, your employer and you.