A successful return-to-work journey requires a team who works together, stays connected and shares their knowledge and expertise. Your employer, WCB case worker and your health care provider each have responsibilities to you and the larger team. Then everyone is working on the same plan to get you working to well.



After you, your employer plays the second most important role in your recovery and safe and successful return to your pre-injury job. 


Role and Responsibilities


  • Arranges appropriate access to health care when you are injured at work, including early assessment of sprains and strains
  • Works with your health care provider to determine transitional job duties and workplace modifications. It's a good idea to have transitional available at any time, to build and promote a positive workplace during recovery.
  • Notifies WCB Nova Scotia when a worker’s injury requires medical attention or lost time from work

Case Worker

WCB Case Worker

Your WCB case worker keeps you connected and communication with the team. They are committed to supporting you through your recovery and minimizing the impact of injury in your life. The goal is to get you back to the way things were before the injury.


Role and Responsibilities


  • Keeps your recovery top of mind and helps you navigate the claims process
  • Coordinates and ensures any required health care and rehabilitation services are working towards your success
  • Organizes case conferences with you, your support team and employer (NOTE: case conferences are currently conducted over the phone. They will go back to in-person meetings once it's safe to do so.)
  • Ensures your eligibility and access to benefit payments for your earnings loss, and costs for medical services are covered
  • Works with you and your employer to support transitional job duties and workplace modification options

Health Care Provider

Health Care Provider

Your health care providers want to set you on the best path to recovery possible. They work closely with you, your employer, and your WCB case worker to create a plan that helps you stay connected and involved in the process. 


Role And Responsibilities


  • Sets the course of action for your recovery plan
  • Determines what you can and can’t do, physically
  • Speaks to your employer to better understand your work environment and job demands
  • Explores workplace modifications or transitional duties that can help you stay connected to the workplace during recovery
  • Provides information to your WCB case worker, for overall coordination of your return-to-work plan

Your WCB case worker might request that you attend a case conference. What is it?

A case conference is a check in between you, your employer, health care provider/doctor, and WCB case worker. It can take place face-to-face, or by telephone, depending on the circumstances. NOTE: Due to COVID-19, case conferences are currently being conducted by telephone. Face-to-face meetings will resume once it is safe to do so.

Often, the case worker requests the meeting after consulting with your health care provider. They are carefully monitoring your progress and may feel the need to make adjustments to your treatment plan. The case conference enables your return-to-work team to discuss your plan and keep everyone informed. A case conference is not always needed, particularly when everything is progressing as expected.