Workers' Compensation Safety Board of Nova Scotia

Reporting Standards


Timely and comprehensive reports help the WCB effectively and efficiently manage claims toward a timely and safe return to work for our mutual clients. It is important for service providers to submit reports often and in a legible format. The frequency of reporting for each specialty is outlined in the links below, as well as in your Letter of Agreement (if applicable).

If you have submitted invoices to WCB Nova Scotia for payment, you can check which date WCB is currently processing. The processing date is the date the invoices were received at the WCB. This can be done through automated phone options any time of day. Simply call us at 902 491 8324 or Toll Free: 1 877 211 9267 and follow the prompts provided: Press 3 for Service Provider and then Press 1 for invoice processing dates.


Payment will only be guaranteed if the service has been pre-authorized by the WCB unless otherwise specified in your contract.  If you provide service to injured workers without pre-authorization, you risk the possibility of the WCB refusing payment for the service.  Separate invoices shall be submitted for each worker. Invoices shall include:

  • Board Claim number
  • Health card number
  • Name of injured worker
  • Date of birth of worker
  • Address of worker
  • Date of accident
  • Invoice number
  • Date of service(s)
  • Description of service(s) 
  • Service provider’s name, address, telephone number
  • Service provider’s WCB code

Invoices should be faxed to the Workers’ Compensation Board to: (902) 491-8001

Reporting Requirements

Reporting standards may vary by health services provider. Learn more about your reporting requirements below: