WCB clearance status indicates whether a company is in good standing, which means the company has coverage, has met payroll reporting requirements, and has no outstanding balance. 

*NEW* In order to fully understand the concerns raised, and ensure we get the process right, we are extending paper clearance letters further until March 31, 2020.  Click here to read more.

In early 2020, clearance letters will once again be available through MyAccount. From MyAccount, you will be able to:
  • Save, print, and email your clearance letter.
  • Check clearance status for contractors. Accounts will remain in good standing for the full quarter, unless the account is closed.
  • Save, print, and email contractor clearance letters.
  • See expiry date directly on the clearance letter.
IMPORTANT: Going forward, once they are available in MyAccount, we will no longer mail clearance letters. 

You will need access to MyAccount to obtain your clearance letter. If you are not already registered for MyAccount, visit to sign up.


Hiring subcontractors

If, as the principal contractor, you hire subcontractors, it's important to make sure you check and track clearance status. If a contractor does not have WCB coverage, you are responsible for them and are required to pay premiums based on the labour amount of the contract. Any injuries sustained by them on your job site will become part of your injury history with WCB Nova Scotia.

When you hire a contractor who is in “clear” status, it means your experience rating won’t be impacted if they have a claim during the contract. It also means you don’t pay WCB premiums on their labour.

If they have an account, but are not in good standing, you, as the principal contractor, are still liable to pay premiums for them based on the labour amount you've agreed to pay them.

How to check clearance status 

When available in early 2020, the quickest and easiest way to check clearance status will be through MyAccount.

To find details on using MyAccount to check and track clearance status, visit our Online Support site.

Clearance Statuses

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