Policy Manual

To view or download the policy manual, click the cover image. The manual will open in your browser or Adobe Reader, depending on your settings. 







How to use the WCB Policy Manual 

The policy manual can be displayed in your browser or Adobe Reader. It can be downloaded, searched and saved on your computer. 

Here are some tips to make navigating the policy manual easier:

  •  The Table of Contents provides a list of all of the policies in the Manual. You can jump to a new section by clicking on the desired policy in either the index or in the bookmark section on the on the left of the page (if this display is selected).
  • You can search the policy manual using key words, terms or phrases. The search function can be in different locations depending on which browser and Adobe version used. The search function may be located by using the magnifying glass in the top left side of the tool ribbon, or by clicking Ctrl + F 
  • The Bookmarks tool (located on the left side of the page) is a great feature for navigating through the policy manual. You can expand bookmarks with ‘>’ as this indicates there are more documents in this section. You can jump to a document by clicking on it in the index or bookmark. 
  • Print a page range, section of the manual or individual policy by right clicking on the Policy Manual section or Policy you wish to print in the bookmarks panel. A pop up will appear allowing you to print either sections or page ranges and only the policy or section selected will print. 


The WCB Nova Scotia Policy Manual provides policy information for workers and employers covered by the Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation program, as well as for other interested parties to aid in understanding the policy positions adopted by the Board of Directors of the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

Our Board-developed policies, along with the Workers’ Compensation Act and provincial regulations, help to establish the framework for determining coverage and benefits. Generally, program policies are used to:

  • Define discretionary authority granted under the legislation and/or regulations; 
  • To clarify a legislated or regulatory requirement; and 
  • To provide direction and clarification to support consistent decision-making.

The online Policy Manual can be downloaded and contains links and references which makes the manual easier to search and navigate. The Nova Scotia WCB no longer distributes paper copies of the Policy Manual.

The WCB also offers two notification services, you can sign up below to receive notification by email of changes to WCB Policies or to receive information on upcoming WCB policy consultation.