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Cheque Processing Schedule

The following is a list of cheque processing dates.

Temporary Earnings Replacement Benefits (TERB)
TERB cheques are printed daily Monday to Friday (during business hours; holiday schedules are planned ahead of time). Once established, TERB cheques are typically issued biweekly.
Medical Aid
Medical Aid cheques are printed on Wednesday and Friday mornings and go out in the mail the same day.
Medical Aid Monthly
Medical Aid Monthly cheques (example: Attendant Allowance, Home Care Services, Supplementary Benefit) are printed every third Friday of the month.
Medical Aid Yearly
Medical Aid Yearly cheques (example: clothing allowance) are printed once a year in June.

Pension Adjustment
Pension Adjustment cheques (lump sum, commutations, retroactive pensions and manual pension adjustments) are printed and mailed every Tuesday and Thursday, except when the processing of the Pension Regular Monthly cheques occurs on a Monday. When this happens, the Pension Adjustment cheques are mailed on the Monday instead of Tuesday.
Pension Regular Monthly
Pension Regular (monthly benefits including: CRS pensions, Permanent Impairment Benefit, Extended Earnings Replacement Benefits and Survivor Pension) cheques are printed once a month on a date pre-determined by Finance and our Health and Extended Benefits department for each calendar year. 

The tentative schedule for 2014 direct deposit is provided below.  

Direct Deposit Request form - Please note that this is only available for monthly long-term benefit recipients.

January  10th

July 11th 
February 13th     August 11th 
March 10th  

September 11th 

April 10th October 10th
May 12th   November 10th  
June 12th   December 11th