Workers' Compensation Safety Board of Nova Scotia

Obtaining a Clearance Letter

The quickest way to obtain a clearance letter is through MyAccount, but these other avenues are also available.

To obtain a Clearance Letter from an employer who has Special Protection visit MyAccount.


The quickest and easiest way to obtain a Clearance Letter is through MyAccount - our convenient, 24/7 online account access for employers like you including up-to-the-minute tracking of claims and prevention information. 

Added advantages of using MyAccount include having the system monitor the status of your contractors, and the convenience of automated e-mails if the status of one of those contractors changes. 

To register for MyAccount visit with your most recent Statement of Account on hand and follow the instructions otherwise obtain it from the contractor directly.

Take a tour.

Access Nova Scotia: Access to Business (A2B)

If you are an incorporated company, have your business number on hand and visit Access to Business (A2B) to obtain a Clearance Letter. 

You cannot obtain a Clearance Letter online through A2B for special protection, sole proprietorships or partnership accounts – these can be obtained through MyAccount.


You can request a Clearance Letter directly from the WCB at the following:
Phone: 902 491 8324
Toll Free: 1 877 211 9267
Fax: 902 491 8326

If you choose to this method, the WCB can provide a Clearance Letter for your company only, during regular business hours and it may take 24 to 48 hours.