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The most important reason for making your workplace safe is not at work at all.

Nova Scotia's new call to action for workplace safety tells the story about why workplace safety matters. Because the most important reason for making your workplace safe is not at work at all.

What's your reason?


Certify Your Commitment to Workplace Safety

Preventing workplace injuries is about more than just writing a safety policy, forming a JOHS committee or providing first aid training.

The WCB encourages employers to demonstrate leadership and commitment to workplace health and safety by becoming WCB Safety Certified.  For more information, click here.

2013-2017 Workplace Safety Strategy

The new Workplace Safety Strategy aims to ensure every Nova Scotian returns home safely from work each day, making us the safest province to work in Canada.

Workplace injuries continue to decline in Nova Scotia

Supreme Court Judgement on Martin v. WCB Alberta

New Board Members Appointed to WCB Board of Directors

Changes to workers' travel expenses - milage rate

New Provincial Psychological Injury Policy

A culture of workplace safety is growing in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is a safer place to work today than 10 years ago. Workers’ compensation claims declined 18 per cent and the number of time loss injuries fell about 30 per cent over the past decade. But Nova Scotia still lags other Canadian jurisdictions and is in the middle of the pack in most workplace injury measures.

Workers, employers, industry and labour leaders, government, the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council and all partners must come together to strengthen the culture of safety in Nova Scotian workplaces.

Together, we will make Nova Scotia the safest place to work in Canada. Find out more.