Conditional Surcharge Refund Program

Employers whose claims costs are significantly and consistently above industry average may receive a surcharge to their workplace injury insurance premiums. The surcharge program applies to employers whose cost ratio is at least 200 per cent higher than the cost ratio in their rate group over a consecutive number of Experience Rating Statements. The goal of the surcharge program is to encourage employers to take the steps necessary to create safer workplaces.  In support of that goal, the WCB introduced a new Conditional Surcharge Refund Program in 2013.

Surcharges collected by the WCB will be set aside and employers will be eligible for a refund up to the amount of the surcharge they paid if an employer makes appropriate investments in safety. That includes health and safety training, third-party safety audits, new equipment, and hiring or contracting health and safety staff.

Any investments in safety must directly benefit workers in Nova Scotia.

Any employer in a surcharge position from 2013 onward may be eligible to receive a surcharge refund.

Conditional Surcharge Refund Application

Employer or industry assessment rates will not be impacted by this program, and no additional funds are required to pay for the refunds.

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