About the New WCB Safety Certified Return-to-Work Element

Along with injury prevention policies and practices, having a return-to-work program in place is part of an overall healthy workplace. That’s why WCB Nova Scotia is building on its safety certification process to include a return-to-work element that formalizes the role of return to work in workplace health and safety.


As of January 1, 2024, the WCB Safety Certified audit expands to include a return-to-work element as part of the assessment. The criteria that will be required to meet this element includes:

  1. A Return-to-Work Policy: establish, implement, monitor, and maintain a defined return-to-work policy that’s right for the size, industry, and location of the business.
  2. A Return-to-Work Program: establish, implement, monitor, and maintain a defined return-to-work program that’s right-sized for the business.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities: define the detailed responsibilities of those involved in supporting a worker after a workplace injury, such as the business owner, supervisor, worker, co-workers, and main point of contact through the process.
  4. Return-to-work training: ensure the business’s occupational health and safety management system includes training to ensure relevant roles are aware of and understand the return-to-work program, policies and the respective roles and responsibilities.
  5. Evaluation: establish objectives and measures to monitor and assess the return-to-work program and injuries that occur in the workplace. 

Get ready for the change.

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Contact employer.incentives@wcb.ns.ca or your WCB Safety Certified Audit Provider.