WCB Online now available for workers, tiered service providers, employers (June 15/17)

June 15, 2017 - Starting today, workers dealing with workplace injury will have access to online services to manage their claims and support their return-to-work journey. With WCB Online, workers will be able to look up information about their claim, submit forms online, and communicate securely with WCB through messaging.

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As part of its five-year plan for transformation, WCB Nova Scotia is introducing new online services for employers, workers, and tiered service providers that will help reduce time, improve processes, and ultimately support better outcomes for workers hurt on the job.

Two weeks ago, WCB Nova Scotia introduced new online services for tiered service providers and provided enhancements to MyAccount online services for employers

The launch of WCB Online for workers completes a phased approach to provide customers with easy-to-use online service options, which will help improve communication, customer experience, and overall response times. Information is sent securely online, which will help to move claims faster, and contribute to better outcomes for a safe and timely return to work.

Nova Scotians have told us we need to evolve the way we work. Improvements to online service are just one of the ways the WCB is responding to the needs of workers and employers as we continue our long-term journey toward a Nova Scotia safe and secure from workplace injury.

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WCB Online for Workers

With WCB Online workers will be able to:

  • Submit various forms, such as travel expenses, direct deposit sign-up, and more.
  • Monitor their claim process at their convenience, including payments.
  • Securely ask questions about their claim, and get the answers quickly.
  • Access all of this from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

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WCB Online for Tiered Service Providers

WCB Online is a seamless way for approved tiered service providers to work with WCB when helping workers recover from workplace injury. Clinics are required to use WCB Online to submit forms, reports, and invoices. Through WCB Online, clinics can also communicate securely with the WCB about return-to-work plans and more.

WCB Online is currently only available for approved tiered service providers.

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MyAccount – Employer Enhancements

MyAccount is an online business tool for employers. It gives employers 24/7 access to their account and claim information. We’ve made improvements to MyAccount:

  • A new secure messaging feature on MyAccount. Now employers can securely exchange information and documents with WCB Nova Scotia about return-to-work plans, claims, and more. Through secure messaging in MyAccount, employers can also share documents instantly and securely online.

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