2018-2019 Auditor General Report

WCB Nova Scotia (WCB) has accepted all recommendations from both phases of this performance audit. Implementation of the recommendations has already begun. 

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Phase 2

Recommendations and Responses
The May 28, 2019 announcement of the second phase of the review of WCB Nova Scotia by the Auditor General of Nova Scotia (OAG NS) marks both and end, and a beginning.

It’s the end of a process that involved hard work from many in our organization, and in the OAG NS office, as we worked closely together over the past 18 months. Our teams worked to provide the AG’s staff with the information they needed. Teams from across the organization were involved in helping the review staff not only get the information they needed, but to understand it and our operations.

It’s also an important beginning, as we work to implement the recommendations, and keep Nova Scotians advised of our progress in doing that. Although some changes were already in motion that will address some of the recommendations, there’s an important opportunity to improve in a number of areas. We’re committed to doing that.

This section of our website is our hub for the OAG report, and our implementation of all recommendations, which is happening under the oversight of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors.

We will post progress updates, in keeping with our quarterly and annual reports. 


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