Summary of Workplace Injury Insurance

Health Care Benefits 

  • Hospital care, visits to a doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor; surgery, prescriptions, dental expenses or other health care items such as braces and crutches.

Temporary Benefits

  • Paid every two weeks for as long as employee is medically unable to return to work
  • First 26 weeks – 75% of earnings-loss
  • After 26 weeks – 85% of earnings-loss

Permanent Impairment Benefits

  • Permanently impaired employees  receive benefit for loss of body part or permanent loss of function

Permanent Long-term Benefits

  • Employees unable to return to work receive 85% of net earnings-loss up to age 65
  • At age 65, receive 5% of total benefit paid as an annuity

Death Benefits

  • Lump sum of $15,000
  • Burial expenses $5,000

Survivor Benefits

  • 85% of deceased employee’s earnings- loss up to age 65
  • At age 65, receive 5% of total pension paid as an annuity

Dependent Child Benefits

  • $196 per month until age 18, or age 25 if education continues