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WCB Online for Tiered Service Providers

WCB Online is a seamless way for approved tiered service providers (chiro/Physio clinics) to work with WCB when helping workers recover from workplace injury. Clinics are required to use WCB Online to submit forms, reports, and invoices. Through WCB Online, clinics can also communicate securely with the WCB about return-to-work plans and more.

WCB Online is currently only available for approved tiered service providers.

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Working together to support workers

WCB Online will improve how we work together with service providers to support workers on their return-to-work-journey. It will help reduce time, improve processes, and ultimately make for better outcomes for workers.

WCB Online Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Submission of forms and invoices
  • E-notifications of decisions on treatment plans and requests for assistive devices
  • Ability to track and monitor invoice payments
  • Sharing information with the WCB securely online -- making it easier and faster to exchange information about a claim

What WCB Online means for tiered service providers

All tiered service providers are required to use WCB Online to submit forms and invoices to WCB for workers with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card Number. It means information sent and received is more complete, and processed faster, to help us better support workers on their return-to-work journey.

WCB Online Support for Tiered Service Providers

Questions about how to use your WCB Online account? Visit the WCB Online Support site at any time.