Client Relations Officer

WCB Nova Scotia strives to provide quality service to Nova Scotians. The Client Relations Officer helps to ensure this service is upheld.

The Client Relations Officer reviews complaints about WCB’s service, or the conduct or behaviour of an employee. As an advocate of fairness, the Client Relations Officer does not take sides when resolving complaints. Their role is to review and investigate problems or concerns in an unbiased and impartial manner. You can read more about the role described in Policy 10.3.1R in our Policy Manual.

What is a complaint?

As described in our policy, a complaint is “a formal expression of dissatisfaction provided to WCB Nova Scotia about a product, advice or service, either offered or provided, coupled with a request to remedy the problem.”

A disagreement with a decision issued by the WCB is not considered a complaint. If you disagree with a decision, there is an appeal process to follow that reviews specific errors or oversights in the claim decision. For further details see "A Guide to the WCB Appeal Process."

Registering a complaint

You can choose how you would prefer to contact the office of the Client Relations Officer. Whether you reach out by phone or mail, it is important to us that we are in touch with you right away. We will promptly gather further details and formally register your complaint. After that, we will keep you informed as the process moves forward.

WCB Nova Scotia
PO Box 1150,
Halifax, NS B3J 2Y2
Attn: Deanna Harnish, Client Relations Officer


Please note: For privacy reasons, the Client Relations Officer cannot communicate about claim-related matters via email.