Overall Response

WCB Nova Scotia (WCB) has accepted all recommendations from both phases of this performance audit. Implementation of the recommendations has already begun. 

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Recommendations and Responses

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"Overall, we are pleased this report confirms the WCB is managing workplace injury claims effectively.

In particular, the important aspects of managing return to work for those Nova Scotians hurt on the job and health services contract management, are foundational aspects of the WCB’s contributions to this province, and we are pleased your review shows they are functioning appropriately overall.

When developing the WCB Strategic Plan 2016-2020 we recognized that workers and employers expect service improvements and your recommendations reaffirm this. We are, at this moment, implementing the biggest piece of the most extensive modernization in our history. Over time, this will bring improvements to the way we deliver service across people, process, and technology. The enhancements will begin to address many of the challenges associated with our current operations.

Your report includes many important opportunities for us to improve, particularly with regards to timeliness, complaints, documentation and some aspects of the way we handle employer access to claim file information.

We accept all of the recommendations and look forward to their implementation."

-- WCB Nova Scotia overall response, Report of the Auditor General to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, May 2019.


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