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WCB Nova Scotia – the Workers’ Compensation Board – is Nova Scotia’s provider of workplace injury insurance, pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation Act. We inform and inspire Nova Scotians in the prevention of workplace injury, but when it occurs, we provide security from its impact to workers and their families, in support of healthy and safe return to work. 

Our Partners 

WCB Nova Scotia’s work in our province is important, but the progress in reducing the impact of workplace injury in recent years doesn’t happen alone. Workers, employers, health service providers, government, and a wide range of partner organizations work together to protect our province’s people, every single day. Learn more about our partnerships

Our Modernization

Informed by our 2016-2020 strategic plan and feedback that we needed to evolve the way we work to better meet the needs of those we serve, we started a long-term journey of modernization. 

This major transformational investment has allowed new services, such as online services for workers and service providers, improved correspondence for workers, and updates to MyAccount for employers. We also moved to a cloud-based assessment and claims system, allowing us to leverage data to streamline some types of approvals, payments, and registrations. The new systems prepare us for a different future, enabled by much better data, more customized service in prevention and return to work, and much more. Learn more about WCB's 2020 business transformation


WCB Strategic Plan

At the completion of our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, and having achieved more sustainable funding, the WCB is in development of our 2024-2030 Strategic Plan. It will be a long-term, ambitious, exciting vision for the future. 

The face of workplace injury is changing. We know we will need to adapt our approaches to both prevention and return to work for both physical and psychological injuries. We want to be among the best in the country at preventing workplace injuries and supporting healthy, safe returns to work. To do this we will need to be more efficient, more inclusive, and more innovative.

Our new Strategic Plan will be available soon.