Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

Our Vision

Nova Scotians – safe and secure from workplace injury.

Our Mission

We set the standard for workplace injury insurance. We inform and inspire Nova Scotians in the prevention of workplace injury, but if it occurs we support those whose lives it touches by championing a timely return to safe and healthy work.

Our Values

Can-do Attitude
We will deliver on our promises and provide top-notch service.

Safety Champion
We will be a champion for workplace safety through our relationships and innovative solutions, and by keeping prevention and return to work at the heart of our business.

Caring and Compassionate
We will strive to walk a mile in workers' and employers' shoes. We will serve as we like to be served and provide those we serve with the respect and support they need to be successful.

Our Goals

WCB Nova Scotia’s strategic plan includes a vision for the future centred around nine strategic objectives: 

What we will do by 2030:

  • Reduce time loss workplace injuries by 17%. 
  • Reduce the time lost from work due to injury by 35%. 
  • 80% of workers and employers believe the WCB provides exceptional service.

How we’ll do it by 2030:

  • 80% of WCB employees will indicate that their leader, and their work environment, enables them to do exceptional work.
  • 80% of workers, employers and partners will indicate they feel engaged by and trust the WCB.
  • 50% of Nova Scotians will indicate the WCB is an inclusive organization.
  • 80% of those we serve will agree the WCB provides efficient service.

What we will influence by 2030:

  • Support a transformation in Nova Scotia’s workers’ compensation legislative, policy, appeal and rate framework.
  • 80% of Nova Scotians will understand the value of workers’ compensation.