Benefits of Return to Work

An effective return-to-work program provides the following benefits for workers and employers:

What it means for workers:

  • Reduces or eliminates lost earnings
  • Helps the worker stay active
  • Minimizes the impact on the worker's family
    Shifts the focus from what a worker 'can't do' to what they 'can do'
  • Maintains their sense of confidence and value
  • Allows the worker to stay in contact with co-workers and the workplace
  • Keeps worker involved in employee benefits programs 

What it means for workplaces:

  • Allows a skilled and experienced worker to continue as a valuable resource to the company 
  • Keeps loss of productivity to a minimum 
  • Reduces the costs of finding and retaining new workers 
  • Ensures communication between employer and the worker 
  • Reduces the risk of similar injuries, once the hazards that caused the injury are identified and controlled 
  • Maintains the morale of the workforce  
  • Reduces claims cost which can reduce workers’ compensation premiums