Return-to-Work Procedure Development

Procedures outline each step in the process. They should answer the questions below. 

Injury reporting and form completion: 

  • Who does the worker report the injury to? 
  • Who completes the WCB Injury Report with the worker?
  • Who submits the report through MyAccount to WCB Nova Scotia, which is the fastest way to report the injury, and when? 
  • If the incident was investigated, who communicates the results to the worker, and how? 
  • How and when does the worker contact the employer, and employer contact the worker? 
  • If the worker is unable to return to work, who is responsible for maintaining communication, and how often? 

Return-to-work planning: 

  • Who schedules the return-to-work planning meeting, and when? 
  • Who should attend the meeting? 
  • How is suitable/safe work identified? 
  • Who documents the return-to-work plan? 

Implementing and monitoring the return-to-work plan: 

  • Who co-ordinates the purchase or modification of any necessary equipment and tools? 
  • Who communicates the return-to-work plan to any affected co-workers? 
  • Who monitors the return-to-work plan, and how often? 
  • What happens if any of the parties have concerns with the return-to-work plan? 

Program evaluation: 

  • Who completes the return-to-work plan evaluation? 
  • When is it shared, and who receives it?
  • Who performs return-to-work program evaluations, and how often? 
  • What are some ways to evaluate the program? 
  • Who communicates the program changes? 


  • How will the organization maintain confidential material?