Client Relations Officer

WCB Nova Scotia strives to provide quality service to all stakeholders, in particular, workers and employers. The Client Relations Officer helps to ensure this service is upheld. 

The role of the Client Relations Officer is described in Policy 10.3.1R in our Policy Manual.  The Client Relations Officer handles complaints about WCB service, or the conduct or behavior of an employee.  A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction provided to the organization about a product, advice or service offered or provided coupled with a request to remedy the problem.


A disagreement with a decision issued by the WCB is NOT considered a complaint.  The appeal process is the mechanism provided under the Workers' Compensation Act to ensure all decisions are correct according to the Act and the policies of the Board.  For further details see "A Guide to the WCB Appeal Process" before registering a complaint.

To register a formal complaint you can call the Client Relations Officer at (902) 491-8106, submit a letter by mail or fill in the following basic information below and the Client Relations Officer will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of the request to gather further details.

We will respond quickly, and all complaints are investigated.


Tim McInnis
Client Relations Officer
Phone: 902-491-8106