A new era for WCB Health Services (Jun 28/24)

WCB returns to strategic leadership in Health Services as Dr. Manoj Vohra departs
After serving for six years as WCB Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Manoj Vohra will be leaving the WCB when his current contract expires near the end of July.
“It has been a true privilege to work alongside such a dedicated and talented team,” says Manoj. “Together, we’ve made significant strides, helping more working Nova Scotians remain connected to their work as they recover from workplace injuries.”
As WCB Nova Scotia embraces a new era of change guided by our 2024-2030 Strategic Plan, following on Manoj’s departure, the Health Services team will transition away from engaging a Chief Medical Officer and will return to strategic leadership under a Director. 
“Our strategic plan is pushing us to think differently about how we build relationships with health service providers to support the achievement of our plan KPIs,” says Tracey Newman, Director of  Business Evolution. “Thanks to Manoj’s efforts, we’ve established a strong foundation with the health services community that will support new and innovative approaches to how we work together to support recovery and return to work going forward.”
Manoj will continue to serve as the WCB’s Chief Medical Officer until his contract comes to an end on July 25th.