Changes to Special Protection coming January 1st (December 5/17)

Starting January 1st, we’re making it easier for employers to extend WCB coverage to workers who are also family members and live at home. Employers can choose to include these workers under their regular WCB coverage.

We serve a small number of employers who obtain Special Protection to cover their workers who fall into this category. Up until now, covering these workers meant employers had to apply to renew the Special Protection coverage every year.  They also had to report the payroll and pay the coverage fee separately, and apart from their regular coverage. The change will mean less paperwork, fewer in-person visits to our offices, and a more consistent level of coverage for all employees. 

Through our transformation and complementary service improvement initiatives like this, our work is changing. Employers and workers have told us they want us to be easier to do business with. 

By providing employers with a choice to cover employees who are family members living at home through their regular WCB coverage, we’re demonstrating that we’re listening, and that we’re committed to serving them the way they want to be served.