Deadline extended for Work-Related Mental Stress policy consultation (Feb. 12/24)

The WCB is extending the public consultation period for the Work Related Mental Stress policy. 

Workers, employers and all Nova Scotians now have until March 1st, 2024 to review the draft policy and submit feedback.

The draft policy is available here.

Feedback can be submitted via e-mail or written submission to:

Nancy Stacey,
Policy Analyst, WCB of Nova Scotia 
PO Box 1150 Halifax, NS B3J 2Y2 

Beginning September 1st, 2024 working Nova Scotians who experience gradual onset stress will be able to apply for WCB benefits, thanks to new legislation passed by the Nova Scotia Government.

“This is a welcome step forward for us and for the people we serve,” says CEO Karen Adams. “This legislation will reshape the workplace safety culture around mental health and will ensure help and support are available for those who need it.”