Presumptive benefits for PTSD (10/17/18)

Earlier this year, WCB Nova Scotia led a stakeholder consultation process for the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) to support the development of regulations to provide the benefit of presumption for PTSD in frontline and emergency response workers. 

Today, LAE announced changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act that will make it easier for these workers to access workers’ compensation. As of October 26, 2018, it will now be presumed that their diagnosis of PTSD is because of the important, challenging work they do, which exposes them to traumatic events more often than most workers. 

This is good news for these workers, facing already challenging circumstances. WCB Nova Scotia will do all we can to help these workers get the care and support they need quickly and easily. A dedicated and experienced team is ready to help.  

For clarity, presumption does not guarantee that a worker who files a claim, or refiles a previously denied claim, will have that claim accepted. The changes to the Act only mean certain types of workers no longer need to demonstrate their PTSD is work related. 

As always, any WCB-covered worker may qualify for benefits for psychological injury due to traumatic events at work. If a workplace has WCB coverage, workers are exposed to a traumatic event or events, and a worker thinks they have a psychological injury, you should encourage them to talk to their doctor. 

Need more information? Click on the image below to view the fact sheet on presumptive benefits for PTSD.