Updates to WCB Nova Scotia's PMI policy (Mar. 28/24)

In keeping with best practice, starting April 1, WCB Nova Scotia will adopt the latest edition of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines (6th edition) to complete most Permanent Medical Impairment (PMI) Assessments. 

The change follows feedback from policy consultations and the approval of the policy change by WCB’s Board of Directors in December 2023. Until recently, WCB Nova Scotia used the 4th edition of the AMA Guides for PMI Assessments. Going forward, WCB Nova Scotia will adopt the latest updates to the AMA Guides annually as they are released. 

While the process for PMI assessments remains largely unchanged, some workers may need to complete a self-assessment form with the shift to the 6th edition, depending on their injury.  

In addition to shifting to the most recent AMA Guides, with the recent policy update, four of the five individual PMI policies have been combined into a new comprehensive PMI policy, with much of the language remaining the same. Read more about this policy and all of WCB Nova Scotia's policies in WCB’s Policy Manual.