WCB Nova Scotia Updates During Prolonged Power Outage

With the severe weather expected this weekend, there is the potential of prolonged power outages. 

In the event of an extended power outage, WCB Nova Scotia’s website and phone lines may be unavailable. 

However, workers, employers and tiered service providers can still access our online channels using these direct links:
MyAccount for Employers: https://onlineservices.wcb.ns.ca/myaccount
WCBOnline for Workers:  https://onlineservices.wcb.ns.ca/workers
WCBOnline for Service Providers: https://onlineservices.wcb.ns.ca/providers

These URLs will also appear in a Google search.

Should there be a prolonged power outage into Monday that impacts our regular office hours, please follow us on Twitter @WorkSafeForLife for updates. 

Please stay safe this weekend.