Website Launch: New resources available for psychological health and safety (Jun 6/24)

WCB Nova Scotia is proud to introduce a suite of resources for Nova Scotians found in this newly launched Psychological Health and Safety Resource Centre.

The suite of resources, adapted from our colleagues at WorkSafe Saskatchewan, will help Nova Scotians as we work to prevent and manage gradual onset psychological injury. The material contained in the website is considered at the leading edge of psychological injury prevention in Canada.

Use these resources to help you to build and maintain a psychological safe and healthy workplace.

What you'll find in the Resource Centre

Workplace Psychological Health and Safety: A closer look at the National Standard for Psychological Safety at Work, and the 13 psycho-social factors that support positive mental health.

Psychologically Safe Leadership: This section outlines the five domains that comprise psychologically safe leadership and provides valuable insights and action plans for leaders.

Tools and Resources:  From new assessment tools to discounted educational resources and more, the Resource Centre provides practical solutions to support ongoing mental health initiatives.