WorkShift Podcast: A Shift in Leadership (Dec. 22/22)

Shelley Rowan, Interim CEO and WorkShift host

Following the announcement of his retirement from WCB Nova Scotia in November 2022, Stuart MacLean joined Interim CEO Shelley Rowan in the studio to officially pass the mic as she takes over the role of host of the WorkShift podcast.

In this special episode, Shelley and Stuart discuss what makes a good safety leader, the value of podcasting to initiate conversations, Stuart's highlights as host and what lies ahead for WorkShift, including a preview of an upcoming episode featuring Dr. Robert Strang and Dr. Jonathan Fowles.

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About WorkShift

On WorkShift, we're putting leaders in workplace safety on the mic to talk health, safety, but most of all, leadership in a world that has changed forever. Hear the stories behind their successes, and their failures, and how they’re meeting the same challenges you may be facing. 

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