WorkShift Podcast: Activity in the Workplace with Dr. Robert Strang and Dr. Jonathan Fowles (Jan. 24/23)

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In episode seven of the WorkShift podcast, former WCB CEO Stuart MacLean talks to Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Jonathan Fowles, Director of the Center of Lifestyle Studies at Acadia University about the importance of physical activity in life and at work, and the responsibility leaders have to help their workers become healthier and more active in the workplace.

As leaders, how do we encourage healthy behaviour in the workplace? How can we implement physical activity guidelines in our workdays? How do we include movement in our everyday routines?

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About Dr. Robert Strang

Well known to all Nova Scotians for his compassion and knowledgeable leadership, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Strang is an advocate for physical activity and recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He has worked in Nova Scotia’s health care system for two decades, continuing to advocate for the health and wellness of our province.

About Dr. Jonathan Fowles

Dr. Jonathan Fowles is the Director of the Center of Lifestyle Studies at Acadia University where he is focused on encouraging and implementing physical activity into our everyday lives. He has led many initiatives with regional, national, and international organizations such as Diabetes Canada, Nova Scotia Health, and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

About WorkShift

On WorkShift, we’re putting leaders in workplace safety on the mic to talk health and safety, but most of all, leadership in a world that has changed forever. Hear the stories behind their successes, and their failures, and how they’re meeting the same challenges you may be facing.

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