Policy Development and Consultation

WCB Nova Scotia uses a “revolving” program policy agenda to guide the timing and sequencing of ongoing policy development and review.

A "revolving program policy" means that once a policy item has been approved, it is replaced by the next high priority policy item as determined by the Board of Directors.  

Stakeholders of the Workplace Safety and Insurance System (WSIS) have an important role to play in both helping to identify potential policy opportunities and providing input into the development of specific policies.  

The phases of the policy development process include: 

1. Issue Identification and Revolving Program Policy Agenda

Periodically, the WCB will lead a policy issue identification process with stakeholders to compile a list of potential program policy topics for Board of Director consideration and prioritization. Program policy topics ranked as high and potentially medium priority will form the list of policy issues used to resource the revolving program policy agenda over a period of time. 

A number of factors will be considered by the Board of Directors in determining when the issue identification process will be initiated.  These include: 

the number of high/medium program policy priorities that remain outstanding on the existing list of program policy topics and require review/consideration;

passage of time – whether a sufficient period of time has elapsed that it is possible/likely that stakeholder issues/priorities have changed

whether there have been significant changes in the workers’ compensation environment that may result in a shift in priorities and/or focus 

Recognizing that an unexpected high priority program policy issue can emerge throughout the year(s) that could be time sensitive, the Board of Directors always maintains the ability to adjust the revolving program policy agenda to allow for a timely response.

2. Consultation and Policy Development on Specific Policy Topics  

WCB Nova Scotia will seek stakeholder input during the development of specific program policies.  The consultation method used and the length of the consultation period will vary depending on whether the issue is a minor or major policy issue as determined by the Board of Directors.  

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