Health Care

Policy Overview 

Note: This Overview is intended to provide a general guide to Board policies and programs. It does not constitute official Board policy. 

The Board covers the cost of most health care services to help in the worker's recovery from the workplace injury. Health care includes physicians' treatment, prescription medicine, orthotic/prosthetic devices, physical rehabilitaion, hospitalization and some personal expenses incurred by the worker in obtaining treatment (eg. travel). 

Health care coverage is available to injured workers from, and including, the day of their accident. 

The policies in this section of the manual detail some of the expenses and services covered, as well as the circumstances in which they are covered. 

This section also includes policies relating to the Functional Restoration Program, a pro-active program designed to assist clients in preventing and managing Chronic Pain. This program is offered in conjunction with case management activities to clients identified as potentially benefiting from its services.

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2.1 Workers' Expenses

2.2 Services/Treatments

2.3 General

2.4 Functional Restoration Program 

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