Policy Manual Users' Guide

What is in the Policy Manual?

This manual contains the following sections: an Introduction, which introduces the Manual to users, and provides some context for it;

a Table of Contents, which lists the various parts of the Manual in the order in which they appear;

an Index, which guides users to the individual Policies that deal with a particular subject (e.g. ‘survivor benefits’);

the actual Policies.  The Policies are divided into sections, numbered 1 to 11 (1 – Entitlement, 2 – Health Care, etc) and each section is in turn subdivided into subsections. (see Table of Contents for details)

a Glossary, which defines key terms used in the Manual; and,

a copy of the new Workers’ Compensation Act (Chapter 10, Acts of 1994-95), together with a Table of Contents and an Index to the Act, plus a copy of regulations enacted pursuant to the Act.

Many users will most easily find what they are looking for by first consulting the Index.

Explanatory notes regarding the individual Policies in the Manual

i)        Each Policy has a three-digit number in the top-right corner.  The first digit is the Section number, the second digit is the Subsection number, and the third digit is the specific Policy number.  Take, for example, Policy 3.2.1:

First digit – 3 = Section 3 = ‘Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits’

Second digit – 2 = Subsection 2 [of Section 3] = ‘Temporary Earnings Replacement Benefit (TERB)’

Third digit – 1 = Topic 1 [of Subsection 3.2] = ‘Calculation of Temporary Earnings Replacement Benefit’

Note: If a given Policy is revised, but not so extensively as to merit an entirely new Policy being issued, the original number of the Policy is retained and the letter 'R' (for Revised) is added.

ii)      On each Policy, the ‘Effective Date’ is stated:  this means that the Policy applies to all decisions made on and after that date.  In addition, each Policy contains a section entitled ‘Application’ that explains which decisions/claims the Policy applies to.

iii)    The ‘Date Issued’ is the date on which the policy was placed in the policy manual, and is indicated on each Policy.

iv)    Every Policy contains a ‘Policy Statement’ section.  The Policy Statement is the formal Policy, as adopted by the Board of Directors.  Some Policies also contain a ‘Guidelines’ section.  Guidelines are intended to provide explanatory material to help readers understand the context and meaning of the Policy Statement.  Material in the Guidelines section is often drawn from policy papers considered by the Board of Directors, but this material is not formal Board policy.

v)      The ‘References’ portion of each Policy cites the section(s) of the Act from which the Policy draws its statutory authority.  The ‘References’ portion sometimes also provides cross-references to related Policies.