Survivor Benefits

Policy Overview 

 Note: This Overview is intended to provide a general guide to Board policies and programs. It does not constitute official Board policy. 

Fortunately, few workplace accidents in Nova Scotia result in death. But if a worker should die due to a workplace accident, the WCB can provide the surviving spouse and dependents financial support. 

The benefits may include: 

  • reimbursement for burial expenses and transportation of the body (Policy 6.1.2 & 6.1.3) 
  • a lump sum 'death benefit' to the dependent spouse (6.1.1 & 6.1.4) a monthly benefit to the dependent spouse (6.2.1R) 
  • a monthly benefit to the surviving dependent child(ren) (6.2.3) 
  • discretionary benefits to 'other dependents' if there is no surviving spouse or children (6.2.4) 
  • an annuity to the spouse after the monthly benefit ceases (6.2.8R) 

The policies regarding this benefit package are contained in this section.


6.1 One-Time Benefits

6.2 Periodic Benefits

6.3 General