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Here we will list consultations taking place across the province to help develop policies on a wide range of issues as well as new or amended policies. 

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Volunteer Firefighter - Mandatory Coverage

In 2019, the Nova Scotia Legislature amended the Workers' Compensation Act to require municipalities to purchase coverage for all eligible volunteer firefighters who are members of a municipality’s fire department. These changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act took effect October 30, 2020.  To align with these changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Volunteer Firefighters Policy 1.3.4R needs to be updated.  Along with these changes, we are proposing minor housekeeping changes to pronouns and references to ensure consistency throughout the Policy.

The consultation paper, Mandatory Coverage for Volunteer Firefighters Proposed Changes to WCB Policy, is available for review by stakeholders, and feedback on the proposed policy changes can be provided by March 25, 2022 to Kyle DeYoung, Policy Analyst, by mail or email at a policy@wcb.ns.ca