Information for Service Providers

As a WCB service provider partner, we know you share our desire to continue to support workers and employers in recovery and return to work, and we appreciate your continued efforts and collaboration through the pandemic.

Our expectation is that approved health care providers will adhere to provincial and national directives, privacy, safety, and discipline-specific standards, which are outlined by respective governing professional bodies in the delivery of service.

Remote Health Services

WCB Nova Scotia is supportive of remote (teleconferencing or video conferencing) service delivery during this time where:

  • It is aligned with the treatment program approved by the case worker;
  • It adheres to professional standards of the provider's governing body, such as safety, ethics, confidentiality, privacy, etc;
  • There is no recording made of the call or conference;
  • There is no storage or record of personally identifying information (name, SIN, or health details for example) or upload of documents in the conferencing tool; 
  • Canadian privacy and hosting parameters are strictly followed; and
  • The participants consent is obtained, and they are able to safely do so, logistically.

As usual, any treatment plan to promote recovery and return to work requires case worker approval. Please contact the case worker to discuss alternate, remote delivery options, such as telehealth. WCB is unable to validate each provider's chosen conferencing tool or security configuration.

Ultimately, the service provider is accountable to ensure they meet the professional standards of telehealth service delivery, as outlined by their respective governing body.