Gradual Onset Psychological Injury

Sometimes, a psychological injury in the workplace doesn’t happen all at once.

Sometimes, a work-related psychological injury happens gradually due to significant stressors, such as bullying and harassment, that take place over time.

Starting this fall, this type of psychological injury will be compensable in Nova Scotia. As the first province in Atlantic Canada to have this type of workplace injury become compensable, the WCB will apply innovative approaches and best practices learned from other jurisdictions, to help the people we serve.

The change becomes effective in September, 2024. As the date approaches, this section will be kept up to date, as we prepare for new, innovative service approaches for a new type of compensable injury in our province. Check back often.

We’ve been working to get ready for this change for a while. It’s a big part of a new executive structure, organizational change, new roles and new leadership. The WCB service model for gradual onset stress will be different from our typical case management practices.

We are hiring a new team, with new roles, to deliver an exceptional service experience, complete with customer excellence and trauma-informed services.

Workers and employers can expect customized, personal service, based on their own situation, and mental health.

The worker will be at the centre of the service model – with the goal of keeping them connected to work, in a way that is safe and healthy, and returning as soon as it’s possible, in partnership, collaboration and principles of care.

What’s changing?

What types of injury are covered, and what types are not?

What about claims already submitted?

Will this increase employer premiums?

Our service to workers and employers

Prevention through healthy workplaces

Return to work can be part of recovery