What coverage offers Nova Scotians

Early conversations about the future of workers’ compensation coverage in Nova Scotia

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What coverage offers Nova Scotians

When someone is hurt at work

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In some ways, WCB is like other insurance. In other ways, we’re very different. 

For example, if an employer has WCB coverage, they cannot be sued for damages due to workplace injury. And workers are eligible for benefits regardless of who was to blame for the injury. 

Explore this section to learn more about the benefits offered, especially when a worker has had their income impacted by a workplace injury. 

How we help

Immediate help
Medical and health care costs
After a workplace injury, WCB covers all medical and health care costs. That’s why your doctor always asks you, “Did this happen at work?”

Short-term help
Financial support as you recover
Temporary benefits cover up to 85% of your earnings loss because of your injury as you recover.

Long-term help 
Ongoing financial support
When return to work isn’t possible or there’s a permanent injury, we provide benefits over the longer term.

Helping those left behind 
Survivor benefits
When tragedy strikes, we support surviving dependents and help to cover final expenses.